What part does performance management systems play in helping private companies make a profit and public organisations make a difference? What shape should they take to enable public bodies and private firms to innovate so they can create sustainable value in a complex and changing world?

The Performance Management Cluster works with both private and public sector organisations to find practical answers to these pressing questions. For the public sector, the focus is efficient, equitable service delivery. For the private sector, it is about designing, applying and using systems that enable innovation in a firm, explore how consumers react to it, and curtail employee sabotage.

If you would like to research performance management problems, or your organisation would like some help in solving them, contact the cluster leaders, Dr Geraldine Robbins or Dr Elaine Wallace.

Research Focus

With a mix of accountancy, engineering, management, marketing and psychology expertise, the Performance Management Cluster looks at overarching structures for performance management.

Examples of the research pursued in the cluster include:

  1. Addressing performance measurement challenges in public and private organisations.
  2. Introducing management control systems to support new product innovation in the medical device and green energy sectors.
  3. Using accounting information to facilitate improved management of clinical directorates in hospitals.
  4. Taxation e.g. strategy, planning in practice, performance measurement, risk management, lobbying, and administration.
  5. Motivations for employee sabotage, and measures and metrics for dealing with saboteurs e.g. 360-degree feedback, developing engaging brand values, and providing rewards for managers who achieve increased employee engagement.
  6. Using new technologies to evaluate website and social media performance and providing guidance for firms seeking to optimise social media outcomes.
  7. Assessing the financial performance of local government.