Irish Times – GAA always keenly aware of the big picture regarding its games

Whitaker Institute member Dr Seán Crosson, of the Creative, Liveable and Sustainable Communities research cluster, spoke with the Irish Times about his new book ‘Gaelic Games on Film’, a fascinating chronology of the portrayal of Ireland’s sporting culture on screen, from Hollywood to horror movies and Irish domestic productions. Read the article here.

Accounting for Ireland’s natural capital and measuring sustainable development

Environmental economists offer what is arguably the most internally consistent theory of sustainable development. A sustainable development path is one that maintains welfare opportunities for future generations. An economy’s “genuine savings” (GS) represent changes to the productive capacity of the economy and thus indicate the capacity for the generation of future well-being. GS goes “beyond… | Read on »

Intergenerational Considerations for Generational Renewal in Agriculture Policy Strategies

The senior generation’s resistance to alter the status quo of the existing management and ownership structure of their farm is undoubtedly strong within the farming community. This phenomenon has resulted in extraordinary socio-economic challenges for young people aspiring to embark on a career in farming. This study sets forth a series of recommendations aimed at allowing… | Read on »

RTÉ Brainstorm – Why do we find it so hard to stop using plastic bottles?

Whitaker Institute member Dr Patricia McHugh, of the Applied Systems Thinking cluster, provided expert input on behavioural change in an RTÉ Brainstorm article which looks at the difficulties of changing peoples behaviour around plastic. Why do we find it so hard to stop using plastic bottles? “Giving someone the information and telling them what to… | Read on »

RTÉ Brainstorm – Why aren’t prenuptial agreements legally enforceable in Ireland?

Work, Organizations and Society cluster leader, Lucy-Ann Buckley, has written a new article for RTÉ Brainstorm. The piece looks at pre-nuptial agreements in Ireland and why they are not legally enforceable.   Why aren’t prenuptial agreements legally enforceable in Ireland? “It is often argued that legally recognising prenups would respect the parties’ wishes and reduce… | Read on »

Dr Lucy-Ann Buckley on the rights of females with disabilities

Dr Lucy-Ann Buckley, of the Gender and Public Policy cluster, spoke with Icelandic television about the importance of the government to pay special attention to women with disabilities. Watch the clip and read the accompanying article here. (Option to translate the article to English)