The urbanising force of global warming

Tom McDermott, SEMRU

The global population is urbanising rapidly. Each year, cities around the world host tens of millions of new inhabitants, particularly in low and middle income countries. While traditionally urbanisation has been associated with a process of structural change and economic development, today many poor countries are urbanising faster and at a much earlier stage of… | Read on » – Dr. Farrell: Women are ‘untapped potentials in rural development’

Whitaker Institute member Dr Maura Farrell says that women in rural economies, in agriculture or in small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are probably one of the most untapped potentials in rural development. Dr Farrell was speaking at the recent ‘Rural Ireland: Our Long-term Vision’ at the Irish Rural Link 30th anniversary conference. More from

IGEES – An Evaluation of the Impacts of Remote Working

The Irish Government Economic & Evaluation Service has recently published a report evaluating the impacts of remote working. The report found remote working is likely to improve labour market outcomes, greater flexibility in terms of time management, childcare & commuting options, amongst other things. The report used findings from the Whitaker Institute and the Western Development Commission’s National Remote… | Read on »

Cois Coiribe – How Domestic Violence Fuels Wider Conflict

Whitaker Institute member Dr Nata Duvvury, of the Gender and Public Policy Cluster, has written a new piece for Cois Coiribe, which looks at the strong links between domestic violence and manifestations of public violence. The article is available to read here.

Disparities in Psychological Distress Among Higher Education Students in Ireland

Psychological distress among higher education students is a growing concern, both in Ireland and internationally. As well as the personal consequences for students themselves, which can include diminished wellbeing, unhappiness, social isolation, and decreased enjoyment of life, the high prevalence of mental ill-health amongst students also has implications for the higher education sector. Poor mental… | Read on »

RTÉ Brainstorm – How Ireland can play a role in prosecuting aggression in Ukraine

Whitaker Institute member Dr Shane Darcy, co-leader of the Conflict, Humanitarianism and Security cluster, has authored a new piece for RTÉ Brainstorm. The article looks at the role Ireland can play in prosecuting aggression in Ukraine. How Ireland can play a role in prosecuting aggression in Ukraine Analysis: the State’s support for the International Criminal… | Read on »

2022 National Remote Working Survey

On 25 April, the Whitaker Institute and Western Development Commission launched the 2022 National Remote Working Survey, which will gather data on employees’ experiences and preferences for remote working and assess how remote working is impacting their career choices. The launch of the survey garnered significant national and local media attention, which is available to… | Read on »