The urbanising force of global warming

Tom McDermott, SEMRU

The global population is urbanising rapidly. Each year, cities around the world host tens of millions of new inhabitants, particularly in low and middle income countries. While traditionally urbanisation has been associated with a process of structural change and economic development, today many poor countries are urbanising faster and at a much earlier stage of… | Read on »

The Sustainability of Ireland’s Health Care System

Ireland’s health care system is a unique mix of a publicly-funded health service and a fee-based private system. The distinctive and complex structure of the sector, which involves both public and private financing and delivery of services, has important implications for the allocation of resources and for sustainability. In addition, though Ireland currently has a… | Read on »

Watch Professor Ray Murphy on Scope on Indus News

Whitaker Institute member Professor Ray Murphy, of the Conflict, Humanitarianism and Security cluster, spoke to Scope on Indus News, a Pakistani TV news channel, about the Iran nuclear deal. Watch the interview here @11.23 – David Langwallner: Whistling In The Light

Whitaker Institute member Professor Kate Kenny, co-leader of the Work, Organizations and Society cluster, has been featured in a recent article from Excerpts from Professor Kenny’s book Whistleblowing: Towards a New Theory were cited the article which looks at Whistleblowing. Read more here.

Professor Emer Mulligan launched Ireland’s first free tax clinic

Ireland’s first free tax clinic has been set up in NUI Galway to educate students about their entitlements, obligations and how to manage their tax affairs. The pioneering initiative sees tax students in the J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics work in partnership with teaching staff and professional tax advisors in providing an online and… | Read on »

Watch – Health workers and extending working life policy in Ireland: evidence from the DAISIE project.

On March 31, the Whitaker Institute was delighted to host a live webinar titled Health workers and extending working life policy in Ireland: evidence from the DAISIE project. The DAISIE (Dynamics of Accumulated Inequalities for Seniors in Employment) project investigates the gender-differentiated work-life experiences, health and financial outcomes of workers in three occupations aged 50 and… | Read on »

Creating ‘Corridors of Consumption’

Across the island of Ireland, domestic consumption levels have increased dramatically in the past three decades, making sustainable consumption a key challenge for policy makers. To date, public discourse has focused primarily on minimum levels of consumption but there has been a complete dearth of discussion around the concept of maximum levels of consumption. Our… | Read on »