The urbanising force of global warming

Tom McDermott, SEMRU

The global population is urbanising rapidly. Each year, cities around the world host tens of millions of new inhabitants, particularly in low and middle income countries. While traditionally urbanisation has been associated with a process of structural change and economic development, today many poor countries are urbanising faster and at a much earlier stage of… | Read on »

RTÉ Brainstorm – Can a new UN treaty help to ban nuclear weapons?

Whitaker Institute member Professor Ray Murphy, of the Conflict, Humanitarianism and Security cluster, has written a new piece for RTÉ Brainstorm. The article explores whether a new UN treaty can work to ban nuclear weapons. Can a new UN treaty help to ban nuclear weapons? Opinion: while none of the current nuclear powers are willing… | Read on »

Whistleblowers After Disclosure: Financial Impacts, Career Paths, and Survival Strategies

                On 19 January, the Whitaker Institute was delighted to host Whistleblowers After Disclosure: Financial Impacts, Career Paths, and Survival Strategies.  Whistleblowers perform a vital role in society, alerting the public to financial fraud, abuse in institutions and potential environmental disasters. But many genuine whistleblowers find themselves without a source… | Read on »

RTÉ Brainstorm – How much money does whistleblowing cost people who speak out?

Whitaker Institute members Professor Kate Kenny and Dr Meghan Van Portfliet, of the Work, Organizations and Society cluster, have co-authored an article with Stephanie Casey (Transparency International Ireland) for RTÉ Brainstorm. The piece looks at the cost for the individuals who blow the whistle. On the 19 January the Whitaker Institute will host a live… | Read on »

Guidance Matters – Green Guidance Counselling: Working with Nature in Mind

A recent issue of Guidance Matters the newsletter from the National Centre for Guidance in Education has featured research from the Whitaker Institute’s NEAR Health Project. The article, by John O’Donohoe, supports Green Guidance and encourages guidance counsellors to utilise nature for their clients wellbeing as well as encouraging green, sustainable and environmentally conscious careers…. | Read on »