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RTÉ Brainstorm: What does your local council do with your money?

Dr Gerard Turley and Stephen McNena, have written an RTÉ Brainstorm about their Whitaker project Local Authority Finances, which allows taxpayers to see how their money is being spent. What does your local council do with your money? Analysis: Leitrim spends €392 per person on roads, Galway spends €86 per head on housing and Meath… | Read on »

Local Authority Finances

A new project has been undertaken by Whitaker Institute members Gerard Turley and Stephen McNena. Winner of the 2014 WA and the 2015 World Summit Award, the website aims at increasing awareness of how taxpayers’ money is spent locally by providing cross-council information on local authority spending and income, disaggregated by expenditure function and revenue… | Read on »

Organisational Ambidexterity

Ambidexterity in general refers to the ability to do two things equally well (e.g. use of right and left hands) and organisational ambidexterity refers to the simulaneous ability to exploit existing capabilities and explore new capabilities. This is seen as paving the way for introducing both radical and incremental innovations in the marketplace. For many… | Read on »

Optimum Territorial Reforms and Local Authority Amalgamations: Does Size Matter?

The economic rationale frequently cited for local government territorial reforms and municipal amalgamations is the economies of scale argument. It is argued that in the subnational public sector sphere larger councils may exhibit scale economies, and provide services at a lower per unit cost than smaller councils. As against the ‘small is beautiful’ argument that… | Read on »

2017-18 Whitaker Ideas Forum

The 2017-18 Whitaker Ideas Forum series begins on 13 September and takes place weekly on Wednesdays from 1:00pm – 2:00pm through 22nd November. The Whitaker Ideas Forum seminars have, to-date, showcased the diverse range of research being conducted across the Institute. The forum represents a great opportunity for early career researchers to present to their… | Read on »

Protecting multiple types of innovation

Engaging in multiple types of innovation with different time horizons and risk levels has been found to be important for organisational performance. However, organisations face particular challenges when they engage in more than one type of innovation such as radical, incremental, customer-oriented, and technological innovation. Typically, innovations with a greater likelihood of short-term success command… | Read on »

PROJMAN 2017 – call for papers

An AIS affiliated conference Barcelona, Spain November 8-10, 2017   Call for papers It is our great pleasure to invite you to ProjMAN 2017 – International Conference on Project MANagement, an AIS Affiliated Conference, which will be held in Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and Europe. Being part of Catalunya, it… | Read on »

Want to be an ambidextrous company like Apple – use your KPIs to generate some conflict!

Apple is no stranger to conflict and while the company would undoubtedly prefer to avoid the current conflict over taxation, it is likely that conflict within the management team has contributed to its success as a highly ambidextrous company. What is ambidexterity in an organisation? Organisational ambidexterity refers to simultaneously engaging in activities that exploit… | Read on »

Fair and Sustainable Taxation in the EU

Listen to new research findings on the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base and other EU own resource taxes and their budgetary impact. Get to know fiscal policies that make for a fair and sustainable tax collection. Also learn about equal, socially and environmentally sustainable taxation in practice. Take part in discussions on how to create… | Read on »