Work Society and Governance

Might trade unions be left behind as new forms of employee engagement advance? Has neoliberalism closed off potentially viable policy options for resolving the continuing fiscal and economic crisis in Europe? How should organisations manage whistle-blowers?

The Work, Society and Governance cluster is a group from management, sociology, politics, law, economics, psychology, and health promotion, who look beyond the profit-maximising view, at how agents in organisations and society influence governance, work relations, labour market regulations, cultural systems, and decision-making processes.


Research Focus

Taking a big-picture view of how political and cultural perspectives affect micro outcomes and dynamics enables the cluster to move beyond mainstream business school thinking, and offer a more inclusive view of public policy debates on:

  1. Whistleblowing in the banks.
  2. Employee voice and employee engagement.
  3. Stress and workplace bullying and well-being.
  4. Trade union bargaining and employment regulation.
  5. Mediation, workplace tensions and conflict resolution.
  6. Human resource management and organisational effectiveness.
  7. International labour standards and worker rights.
  8. Neoliberalism, austerity and economic crisis.
  9. Global talent management.