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How to publish in top academic journals: Third Seminar

We were delighted to welcome Dr Catherine Welch (University of Sydney Business School) to the School of Business & Economics on 27 May. Catherine is a qualitative researcher who has also written extensively about qualitative research methodology in management and international business, particularly the case study. As well as publishing her own research, she is… | Read on »

Book Launch – ‘Whistleblowing: Toward a New Theory’ by Professor Kate Kenny

Professor Kate Kenny, Whitaker cluster leader of Work, Organizations and Society,  has just launched her new book, Whistleblowing: Toward a New Theory (Harvard University Press). An introduction to the book is provided by Dr Tom Clonan and Professor Ricca Edmondson. Despite their substantial contribution to society, whistleblowers are considered martyrs more than heroes. When people expose serious… | Read on »

The Business Post – When the whistle falls of deaf ears

Work, Organizations and Society cluster leader, Professor Kate Kenny has written an article for the Business Post about her new book Whistleblowing: Toward a new theory. The article highlights the interviews conducted by Professor Kenney with Whisteblowers around the world to further understand the fallout that accompanies the act of speaking out.   Read the… | Read on »

How to publish in top academic journals: Second seminar

We were delighted to welcome Professor Becky Reuber (University of Toronto) to the NUI Galway on Friday 5th April. Becky drew on her editorial experience at the Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), Academy of Management Perspectives, Journal of Business Venturing and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, to provide frank and insightful advice on publishing qualitative… | Read on »

The Irish Times – Why do we treat whistleblowers so horribly?

The Irish Times has written an article around the findings in Whitaker Institute member Professor Kate Kenny’s new book ‘Whistleblowing; Towards a New Theory.’ The article recounts interviews Professor Kenny conducted in the book as well as exploring whistleblowing in Ireland.   Read the piece here.

How to Publish in Top Academic Journals Series: First seminar

Twenty-five staff welcomed Professor Chris Chapman (University of Bristol) to Galway on Wednesday 27th March. Chris described academic publishing from his unique perspective as editor of Accounting, Organizations and Society (ABS 4*) and President of the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management. His engaging talk highlighted the need for authors to focus on audience,… | Read on »

Work, Organisation and Society: First cluster meetings

On Tuesday 26th March members from across the college and university met to discuss ideas and points of connection, using a ‘3 slides, 3 minutes’ format. An inspiring session ensued. Future activities are planned, and new members are encouraged to get in touch:

What impacts employee pension decision-making?

In this research, concepts from bounded rationality theory were applied to develop an integrated model to explain how pension plan structure and pension communication policies impact on employee pension participation within organisations. Bounded rationality theory provided a useful frame of reference to understand the challenges that employees face in making complicated pension decisions, made over… | Read on »