B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD



Katerina Bohle Carbonell is post-doctoral Fellow at the Whitaker Institute, conducting research on talent management in science foundations. She has previously conducted research and taught at Maastricht University. She has also been involved in different innovative learning initiatives at Maastricht University (The Netherlands) and Northwestern University (USA). Before coming to Galway, she has created a prototype dashboard for the management board of the School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University.
She earned her Master degree (Cum Laude) in Management of Learning from Maastricht University, Netherlands (2009), where she also completed her interdisciplinary PhD in a Organizational Behavior and Education (2016). She taught online and face-to-face for numerous years at Maastricht University and conducts research on innovative learning environments, and knowledge sharing networks. Her main research interests are team, innovation, workplace learning and  social network analysis. She was a 2016 Experimental Teaching and Learning Analytics Fellow at Northwestern, and finalist for the Universidad Madrid- Accenture Award (2011) and the Wharton People Analytics Conference Case Competition (2016). She has provided workshops on "Networks for Personal and Organizational Learning" for organizations and professionals. She maintains the website of the Network for Learning group (networkforlearning.wordpress.com) in addition to her personal blog (www.katerinabc.com)