Work Society and Governance

We take a critical approach to the relationships between business, labour, organizations and society.
Prevailing conceptions of business and management, and organizational models, can result in unsustainable and sometimes destructive outcomes for work, societies and economies.
Driven by a shared desire for change, we aim in our research, teaching, and practice to develop critical interpretations of these issues and to explore alternatives.
Our cluster consists of colleagues from across a range of disciplines including: management, law sociology, politics, economics, psychology, information systems and health promotion.

We extend a warm welcome to people working on these areas. Our cluster activities are member-led and include regular seminars, reading groups, and symposia.

Research Focus

Our research interests include but are not limited to:

o Business and Organisational ethics
o New forms of exclusion and precarious work
o Workplace discrimination relating to class, race, ethnicity, gender, disability and other grounds
o Work relations and labour market regulation
o Whistleblowing in organizations
o Critical management studies
o New forms of ICT and surveillance
o The politics of managerialism
o The contribution of social and political theory to the study of work and organizations, including but not limited to power theory, psychosocial theory, feminism and gender theory, postcolonial theory, critical theory and affect studies