Macroeconomics and Finance

What structural policies should Governments implement to boost economic growth and create jobs? What role does public investment play in delivering sustainable growth and how can policymakers best evaluate public capital projects? How can prudent management of Ireland’s public finances contribute to sustainable economic growth? What are the main sources of volatility in financial markets and what role should the financial sector play in driving economic activity? What does economic history tell us about stable public finances?

Members of the Macroeconomics and Finance cluster produce research aimed at informing policymakers and the public discourse about issues in macroeconomics, public finances and financial markets,  both nationally and internationally. The cluster aims, through inter-disciplinary research, to generate new information and innovative thinking on key policy issues and to provide policy advice to promote sustainable economic growth.

Research Focus

With experts in macroeconomics, public finance and financial markets, the cluster is at the forefront of economic evaluation and research on economic policy in Ireland.