News for: Macroeconomics And Finance

Dr Aidan Kane Features on RTE’s Brainstorm

Dr Aidan Kane–of the Whitaker Institute’s Macroeconomics and Finance reseach cluster, as well as Creative, Liveable, and Sustainable Communities and Socio-economic Marine Research Unit research clusters–recently featured on RTE’s Brainstorm website, discussing fiscal and budgetary history, linking it to his groundbreaking research project Duanaire. According to Dr Kane, budgets may be about the future, but… | Read on »

Article highlights growing demand for students with diverse skills suited for the modern economy

Dr Srinivasan Raghavendran of the Macroeconomics and Finance research cluster published an article on 7 September in The Deccan Herald, titled ‘Look beyond the engineering field‘. In the financial sector, there is a growing demand for students with diverse skill set, such as economics, analytics, and computing. In it, Dr Raghavendran explores how the modern… | Read on »

2017-18 Whitaker Ideas Forum

The 2017-18 Whitaker Ideas Forum series begins on 13 September and takes place weekly on Wednesdays from 1:00pm – 2:00pm through 22nd November. The Whitaker Ideas Forum seminars have, to-date, showcased the diverse range of research being conducted across the Institute. The forum represents a great opportunity for early career researchers to present to their… | Read on »

Article Explores Wider Economic Impacts of Domestic Violence Against Women

The patriarchal mindset that dismisses violence against women as a “private matter” between intimate partners perpetrates an enduring damage to the economy and society. Growing scientific research, using domestic violence data from around the world, establishes that violence against women, which happens within the private sphere of the family, inflicts economic costs to households, businesses… | Read on »

Economics and Finance Careers Beckon to Science, Tech Students

Dr Srinivasan Raghavendran of the Macroeconomics and Finance Research Cluster recently published an article in India’s Hindustan Times (19 August edition), highlighting the ways that science, engineering, and technology students with a post-graduate degree in economics and finance can excel in a new environment where companies are investing in big data and analytics. Read more… | Read on »