News for: Creative, Liveable And Sustainable Communities

Launch of Moycullen 2030 Report

Whitaker Institute member & Creative, Liveable and Sustainable Communities cluster leader, Dr Patrick Collins has authored a new report following the completion of the Moycullen 2030 Village Plan project, funded by the Irish Research Council. The village of Moycullen is set for change with a number of key infrastructural investments are due. A bypass of… | Read on »

Planning for a better Ireland: Trusting in the wisdom of crowds

In 2018, the Irish government published the National Planning Framework (NPF) as part of Project Ireland 2040. As the Irish economy emerged from a decade of economic recession, these planning documents were seen as timely. The vision set forth was “based on a set of values that will ensure Ireland’s long term economic, environmental and… | Read on »

Irish Times – GAA always keenly aware of the big picture regarding its games

Whitaker Institute member Dr Seán Crosson, of the Creative, Liveable and Sustainable Communities research cluster, spoke with the Irish Times about his new book ‘Gaelic Games on Film’, a fascinating chronology of the portrayal of Ireland’s sporting culture on screen, from Hollywood to horror movies and Irish domestic productions. Read the article here.

RTÉ Brainstorm: How hurling conquered Hollywood

A new RTÉ Brainstorm article by Whitaker Institute member Dr Seán Crosson, explores the relationship between Gaelic games and cinema, a topic which he explores in his new book Gaelic Games on Film: From Silent Films to Hollywood hurling, horror and the emergence of Irish cinema. How hurling conquered Hollywood Analysis: there has a long and colourful… | Read on »