Watch – Social Marketing; A Behavioural Change Rebel turning 50 – The Last of our year long Social Marketing Celebrations

On 19 November the Whitaker Institute was delighted to host the last event in the year long series celebrating Social Marketing with Professors Gerard Hastings and Alan Tapp. Most of us recognise that everyday life today is not the same as it was a few months ago let alone a few years ago what with climate change, the pandemic, social inequalities, digital technologies, global markets and so much more. It is a world shaped increasingly by collective as well as individual choice, and by systems, social and behaviour change all rolled into one. In this emerging complex world social marketing is a leading behavioural science already into a future of radical transformation. To meet the demands of our time, we must incorporate an “and” approach – citizens and stakeholders, citizens and society, citizens and systems, citizens and the planet into our way of doing and being. Social marketing’s call to action is to get on board now, be the Change Catalyst in your life, your family and your community to open the door to a new sustainable world for all. Join us and our guest speakers on the 50th anniversary of Kotler and Zaltman’s (1971) famous Social Marketing paper as we hear about the latest developments in Social Marketing. Using behavioural and systems science, research evidence, practical insights, case studies and examples, this series of SOCIAL MARKETING seminars with global experts explores the complex links between our environment, our health and wellbeing and our future.

A recording of the event is available to watch back below.


‘Arise Social Marketers, Planet Earth Needs You!’
Professor Gerard Hastings

‘Covid and social marketing: this much I know’
Professor Alan Tapp

Hosted by Dr Christine Domegan, NUI Galway


Alan Tapp is Professor of Social Marketing at Bristol Business School. Formerly founder and Director of the Bristol Social Marketing Centre, Alan now works on behaviour changes relating to travel and health in particular driver behaviour, car use, physical activity including cycling, and more recently Covid work. Alan has attracted funding of about £2m and is a regular expert advisor to government departments.






Gerard is Professor Emeritus at Stirling University, where he founded the Institute for Social Marketing. His research focuses on the impact of marketing on society – both for good and ill. This has involved him in advising Government and civil society nationally and internationally and publishing widely in both academic and non-academic outlets. He is also a sought-after keynote speaker.  His work has attracted both the attention of the media and the ire of some multinationals and he continues to act as an expert witness in litigation against the corporate sector in the UK and overseas.  He has two new books in production: Social Marketing: Principles and Practice for Delivering Global Change (with Christine Domegan) and Hyperconsumption: Corporate Marketing versus the Planet.