The Next Normal for Marketing

Roger’s Layton’s last paper “The Next Normal for Marketing” (2021) provides an excellent summary of Roger’s past ‘marketing systems’ efforts and his ability to ‘understand’ the ‘evolutionary complexity’ of an accelerating interdependent  and interconnected world. Dr Christine Domegan has created a short video below, for a talk at the 2021 ANZMAC conference, in which she outlines Roger’s thinking for our future and how Provisioning Systems can be used to respond to crises such as climate change and a pandemic.

The paper was also awarded the the inaugural ANZMAC-AMJ Industry Relevance Award. This award is for the most industry-relevant article published in the Australasian Marketing Journal in the previous year, as judged by a selection committee of academics and practitioners.

Layton, R. A., & Domegan, C. (2021). The Next Normal for Marketing—The Dynamics of a Pandemic, Provisioning Systems, and the Changing Patterns of Daily Life. Australasian Marketing Journal29(1), 4-14.