Shaping the Agenda for workplace mediation

Monday 10th October saw the launch of two research reports on workplace mediation; Shaping the Agenda 1: Exploring the Competencies, Skills and Behaviours of Effective Workplace Mediators and Shaping the Agenda 2: Implications for Training, Standards and Practice of Workplace Mediation in Ireland.  This research was commissioned by the Mediators Institute of Ireland (MII) and published by the Kennedy Institute Workplace Mediation Research Group at Maynooth University.

Dr Deirdre Curran led the research project and is the co-ordinator of this national level workplace mediation research group. The Group is an eclectic mix of academics and practitioners working together to produce research that informs mediation practice. The reports contain a comprehensive review of international literature on workplace mediation and identify 36 implications of findings from the literature for addressing issues relating to mediation training, standards, policy and practice. The reports also identify further significant gaps in research, particularly in the Irish context, which will inform the agenda of the research group into the future.

Workplace conflict can be destructive and damaging and can impact upon individuals, teams and organisations. Mediation is one way of addressing such conflict, and turning it around to rebuild relationships and create healthy working environments in which people can flourish.