Risk Aqua Soil – Project Interviews with Irish Farmers

As part of the Risk Aqua Soil Project, Dr Sinead Mellett conducted interviews with a variety of farmers from across Ireland. The Risk Aqua Soil project aims to contribute to a better coordination for the detection, risk management and rehabilitation for rural territories (maritime and terrestrial areas), especially for agricultural purposes, mainly associated to climate change and natural hazards but also to human pressure.

Interview #1: Sinead Mellett interviews John K. Walsh, a farmer from Tipperary.

Interview #2: Sinead Mellett interviews Timmy Clune, a Dairy Farmer Clare

Interview #3: “Severe Weather events” from Farming in Roscommon by Sinead Mellett.

Interview #4: “Agriculture and Climate Change” from Conversation with Clare Farmer Stan Mellett by Sinead Mellett interview with Clare Farmer Stan Mellett.

Interview #5: “Agriculture and Climate Change” from Riskaquasoil by Sinead Mellett coversation with John Shannon.