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How is the population of Ireland changing, and what implications does this have for society, the economy, and the provision of public services? What impact will population ageing have on pension and healthcare costs? What does the State need to do to ensure all ‘new Irish’ are in the mainstream rather than the margins? What can it do in concert with other States to tackle human trafficking? These are the kinds of questions concerning the Population and Migration research cluster.

With experts in economics, geography, health promotion, politics, sociology and psychology, the Population and Migration cluster advises national and international agencies on population, migration, education, employment, and health issues. It has already flagged problems with the education experience of young migrants in Galway City. It finds, for example, that school enrollment policies limit their choice of school; that streaming for second-level examinations could affect their participation in university; and that the achievement gap with non-migrant peers is related to residential patterns and segregated attendance between schools.

If you would like to research population and migration – or your government, organisation or community could benefit from our expertise – contact the cluster leaders Dr Valerie Ledwith or Dr Mary Cawley.

Research Focus

The expertise of the Population and Migration research cluster also includes:

  1. Brazilian immigration to Ireland
  2. Second generation return migration
  3. Identity formation among new immigrant youth
  4. The ‘new Irish’ and their ease / difficulty integrating into Ireland’s diversifying culture
  5. Components of population change, ageing, and social support networks
  6. Health and well-being among immigrant children and service provision