The objective of the Sea For Society project is to implicate and raise awareness among researchers, policy makers, economic stakeholders, young people, citizens and civil society through dialogue, mutual learning and joint action in a new way of understanding the sea and the ocean, the way of the “Blue Society”. The “Blue Society” means combining together the will and need for progress in a respect of sustainability with the respect of resources.

Financed by the European Commission, this project will allow the DG for Research and Innovation to better identify themes of research and innovating governance modes that have to be implemented for a sustainable management of the oceans. The objective is to define a “Blue Society” based on a healthy environment which creates well-being, new economies and sustainable employment. The involvement of the socio-economic actors, of young people and citizens will be essential to change human behaviors and the choices we make concerning the oceans.

Funded by


Project Partners


  • Nausicaá – Nausicaá National Sea Centre
  • EurOcean – The European Centre  for Information on Marine Science and Technology
  • IOPAN – Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • AquaTT – AquaTT UETP Ltd
  • UGOT – University of Gothenburg
  • Ciência Viva – Ciência Viva – National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture
  • IEO – Spanish Institute of Oceanography
  • ADG – Costa Edutainment S.p.A.
  • Mc2 – Aquarium Finisterrae – Science Museums of A Coruña
  • MI – Marine Institute •HCMR – Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
  • IMR – Institute of Marine Research •IST – Marine Environment and Technology Center of Instituto Superior Técnico
  • Ecsite – The European Network of Science Centres and Museums
  • IUCN – International Union for Conservation of Nature – European Regional Office
  • EBN – European Business & Innovation Centre Network
  • NUI Galway – National University of Ireland, Galway
  • WON – World Ocean Network
  • Ifremer – French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea
  • STUDIO K – Studio K SARL

Associated Partners

  • IUCN France – International Union for Conservation of Nature – French Committee
  • IUCN Spain – International Union for Conservation of Nature – Spanish Committee
  • MadaTech – The Israel National Museum of Science, Technology & Space; Daniel and Matilde Recanati Center
  • IRScNB – Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
  • MNHN – National Natural History Museum
  • NHM – Natural History Museum
  • W5 – Whowhatwherewhenwhy, Interactive Discovery Centre
  • VLIZ – Flanders Marine Institute