Within the scope of resource efficiency, RECORD will focus on the area of energy.

The objectives of the RECORD project are to:
• Mobilise research‐driven clusters in the partner regions to examine and develop a holistic package of measures aimed at developing and sustaining scalable resource‐efficient communities
• Develop the concept of a ‘smart’ energy community which is characterised by its ability to source and manage its energy dynamically, using a sustainable balance of renewables together with ICT as an enabler, and by its capacity to interact with regional research‐driven clusters to drive renewable energy innovation
• Examine the challenges involved in establishing and sustaining a resource‐efficient community by creating a policy roadmap, energy supply and demand maps and energy balance reports across the partner regions
• Develop a coordinated approach to and a methodology for identifying, developing and implementing resource‐efficient communities that utilises low‐cost, locally‐sourced and environmentally friendly energy resources together with high impact ICT functionality to be will be presented in a ‘Technology Applications in Communities’ report
• Utilise an integrated approach to study the security of the energy supply generated by renewable technologies, energy efficiency and consumption patterns Effectively disseminate project learnings both within the project regions and across Europe using tools such as publications and conference presentations Create plans to mentor regions who would like to build scalable ‘smart’ energy communities using information arising from the project both during and after the project life‐cycle

Funded by

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Project Partners

  • National University of Ireland, Galway
  • Border Midland Western Assembly
  • Bord Na Móna
  • Aalborg University
  • Region Nordjylland
  • Aalborg Kommune
  • PlanEnergi
  • Ghent Bio‐Energy Valley
  • North Karelia University of Applied Science
  • Regional Council North Karelia
  • Josek Ltd.
  • University of Oviedo ‐ Cluster of Energy, Environment & Climate Change