An integrative, landscape management approach incorporating socioeconomic and climate change scenarios is critical to ensure the delivery of benefits from investments in Blue and Green Infrastructures to meet the 2020 EU biodiversity targets and sustainable development in the Atlantic Region. The ALICE project will develop a comprehensive package of new methods, tools and procedures to identify economic and social barriers to the delivery of benefits from Blue and Green Infrastructures implementation and to improve the characterization of biodiversity and the valuation of Ecosystem Services across four Atlantic case studies (Portugal, Spain, France and UK-Ireland). ALICE will focus on participative learning and modelling by engaging stakeholders and policy makers to identify best Blue and Green Infrastructures solutions.
The key objectives of ALICE are:

  1. develop a full-package of new methods, tools and procedures to assist with coastal and inland landscape management
  2. targeting and stimulating BGI investment within the four case studies by quantifying the benefits for ES including biodiversity conservation
  3. identify solutions for the economic and social barriers, which may limit investment in BGI in each of the four case studies
  4. provide with stronger scientific and socioeconomic support for the effective implementation of future BGI and environmental policy.

Project website currently under construction.

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