Addressing Radical Cognitions (ARC) is a 15-month medium-scale exploratory project that will enhance our ability to respond to the needs of individuals who are at-risk of radicalisation into terrorism. Currently these individuals are supported through a range of counter-radicalisation initiatives offered across the European Union. However, the individuals who work on these programmes (‘front-line workers’) report that they lack an evidence base that can inform their practice.

Following best-practice in designing complex interventions, ARC will

  1. develop an evidence base on the social cognitive and behavioural factors implicated in violent radicalisation (funded through this IRC grant), and then
  2. design, deliver and evaluate new initiatives that are informed by this evidence base (to be funded subsequently through alternative sources).

The overall objective of the programme of research is to promote Evidence-Based-Practice in working with individuals at-risk of violent radicalization.

Funded by


Research Project Grants Scheme 2013-1