Prof Grimes Discusses Apple’s Global Value Chains in Asia

Prof Séamus Grimes — a member of the Whitaker Institute’s Innovation and Structural Change and Social Sciences Research Centre research clusters — recently spoke with Yves Gassot, the CEO IDATE DigiWorld Institute, about the intricacies of Apple’s global value chains in Asia.
“About seven years ago, I began to realise that if I was to say anything meaningful about multinational technology companies in regions like Europe, I would need to gain some insight into how these companies had shifted much of their production and assembly activities to China. The other important aspect of this study was to understand how emerging regions like China have become increasingly integrated into global value chains, which can present both opportunities and challenges.”
Read the full article, published on the Asian Century Institute’s website, here.
In 2018, Routledge will publish China and Global Value Chains – Globalization and the Information and Communications Technology Sector by Séamus Grimes and Yutao Sun, which elaborates China’s evolving role in the ICT global value chain.