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5th NUIG Social Marketing Conference

September 16, 2013

Location: Hilton Hotel, Charlemont Place, Dublin 2, United States

Speaker(s): Dr Doug McKenzie-Mohr

Affiliation: World renowned community-based social marketing expert

Organised by: Dr. Christine Domegan

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The one-day Introductory Workshop introduces community-based social marketing and illustrates how it is being applied throughout the world to foster sustainable behaviour. Participants will learn the five steps of community-based social marketing (selecting behaviours, identifying barriers & benefits, developing strategies, conducting a pilot, and broad scale implementation) and will be exposed to numerous case studies showcasing its use.

The one-day Advanced Workshop explores in greater detail how community-based social marketing can be used to foster sustainable behaviour. This workshop introduces leading-edge material on selecting behaviours, identifying barriers and benefits, applying behaviour change tools, and piloting programs. More specifically, participants will learn how to select which behaviours to target by gaining experience in determining the impact, probability and penetration of current behaviours. Building on material covered in the introductory workshop, attendees will then learn how to select random samples in order to properly conduct barrier and benefit research regarding the behaviours selected in the first step of community-based social marketing. Attendees will also be coached in the development of the survey instruments that are often used for barrier and benefit research. Additionally, advanced topics on the use of social norms, commitments, and goal-setting will be covered to assist attendees to develop effective programs.

Note: to effectively participate in the advanced workshop, participants will need to have attended the introductory workshop on the 16th or have attended one of Dr McKenzie-Mohr’s previous introductory workshops on the subject.