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Severe flooding risk

A new study by Whitaker Institute member Dr Thomas McDermott published in Nature Communications has found that 1 in 4 people globally are at risk from severe flooding. The study is available to read here. Read more from, and

Disparities in Psychological Distress Among Higher Education Students in Ireland

Psychological distress among higher education students is a growing concern, both in Ireland and internationally. As well as the personal consequences for students themselves, which can include diminished wellbeing, unhappiness, social isolation, and decreased enjoyment of life, the high prevalence of mental ill-health amongst students also has implications for the higher education sector. Poor mental… | Read on »

IPCC – Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

The latest IPCC report, released on 28 February, outlines the risks posed by a changing climate for people, economies and ecosystems around the world. The report cites research by Whitaker Institute member Dr Tom McDermott on the economics of climate change and development. A changing climate is creating new risks and challenges the world over… | Read on »

Watch – Electricity blackouts: Can “curtailable contracts” help avoid them?

On 9 February, the Whitaker Institute was delighted to host Electricity blackouts: Can “curtailable contracts” help avoid them? by Dr Jason Harold. Growth in electricity demand together with the expansion of variable renewable energy will have significant implications for the future electricity system. One main concern is how the system can maintain balance between supply and demand to… | Read on »