Commissioned Reports









Selected reports produced by Whitaker members over recent years include:


Ahearne, A., Hynes, S. (2021) Challenges and Opportunities for Ireland’s Major Ocean Economy Industries. Whitaker Institute, NUI Galway.

Collins, P. (2021) Measuring the Creative Sector in the Galway, Mayo and Roscommon Region a consideration of the impacts of COVID 19. Western Development Commission

SHEER Wellbeing Project Team: Christine Domegan, Gesche Kindermann, Niall Ó Brolcháin, Easkey Britton, Caitriona Carlin, Edobor Osagie, Mark O’Loughlin, Martin Cormican, Fiona Donovan, Maurice Mulcahy, Angela Sice, Courtney Yanta and Diarmuid O’Donovan (2021) Our Environment, Our Health, Our Wellbeing: Access to Blue/Green Spaces in Ireland Environmental Protection Agency, ISBN: 978-1-84095-970-3


Collins, P. (2020) Moycullen 2030Irish Research Council / NUI Galway.

Duvvury, N., Forde, C., Chdha, M. (2020) Estimating the cost of child marriage in the Arab region Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA).

Hynes, S.; Aymelek, A.; Norton, D.; Tsakiridis, A.; Corless, R. (2020) A survey of domestic coastal and marine tourism and leisure activity in Ireland. SEMRU report series, ISBN: 978-1-908358-77-6

Levie, J. (2020) Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2019/2020 Global Report Global Entrepreneurship Research Association, London Business School.

Levie, J., Giblin, M., Hart, M. (2020) Joining the Dots: Business Clusters in Galway/Mayo and the UK 

McAvoy, H, Rodriguez, L, Költő, A and NicGabhainn, S. (2020) Children’s exposures to ultraviolet radiation – a risk profile for future skin cancers in Ireland. Institute of Public Health in Ireland.

McCarthy, A, Ahearne, A, Bohle-Carbonell, K, Ó Síocháin, T, & Frost, D. (2020). Remote Working During COVID-19: Ireland’s National Survey Initial Report. Galway, Ireland: NUI Galway Whitaker Institute & Western Development Commission.

McCarthy, A., Bohle Carbonell, K., Ó Síocháin, T. and Frost, D. (2020). Remote Working during COVID-19: Ireland’s National Survey – Phase II Report. Galway, Ireland: NUI Galway Whitaker Institute & Western Development Commission.

McCarthy, A.; Holland, D.; Bohle Carbonell, K.(2020) SPS and PO Executive Leadership Programme Evaluation, NUI Galway.

Ó Síocháin, T., Ahearne, A., Frost, D., Gantly, M., Kerins, E., O’Donoghue, B., McCarthy, A. (2020) Remote Working: Opportunities, Challenges and Policy Implications, Western Development Commission.


Asante, F., Fenny, A., Dzudzor, M., Chadha, M., Scriver, S. Ballantine, C., Duvvury,N (2019) Economic and Social Costs of Violence against Women in Ghana: Technical Report. NUI Galway.

Austen M.C., Andersen P., Armstrong C., Döring R., Hynes S., Levrel H., Oinonen S., Ressurreição A. (2019) Valuing Marine Ecosystems – Taking into account the value of ecosystem benefits in the Blue Economy, Coopman, J., Heymans, JJ., Kellett, P., Muñiz Piniella, A., French, V., Alexander, B. [Eds.] Future Science Brief 5 of the European Marine Board, Ostend, Belgium. 32pp. ISBN: 9789492043696 ISSN: 4920-43696 DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.2602732

Conway, S.F and Farrell, M. (2019) EIP-AGRI: Ireland’s Operational Groups 2019, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM).

Elmusharaf, K., Scriver, S., Chadha, M., Ballantine, C., Sabir, M., Raghavendra, S.,Duvvury, N., Kennedy, J., Grant-Vest, S. and Edopu, P (2019) Economic and Social Costs of Violence against Women in South Sudan: Technical Report. NUI Galway, .

Ghaus, K., Ali, A., Anis, R., Areeb, T., Chadha, M., Ballantine, C., Scriver, S., Duvvury, N. (2019) Economic and Social Costs of Violence against Women in Pakistan: Technical Report. NUI Galway.

Hynes, S., Aymelek, M., Corless, R. & Evers, N. (2019). A Survey of Marine and Coastal Overseas Tourism Activity in Ireland, SEMRU Report Series, ISBN: 978-1-908358-67-7

Kenny, K. Fotaki, M. (2019) Post disclosure survival strategies: Transforming Whistleblower Experiences. NUI Galway, Ireland.

Lagana, G., Ó Dochartaigh, N., Naughton, A. (2019) The European Union and the Northern Ireland Peace Process in the shadow of Brexit, Whitaker Institute, NUI Galway.

McDermott, T.K.J., I. Noy and B. Ferrarini (2019) Strengthening Disaster Resilience, thematic chapter in Asian Development Outlook 2019. Asian Development Bank.

Mulligan, E., Wijeratne, D. and Maher, M. (2019) Pensions in Ireland: The Perspectives of Irish Citizens and Implications for Pensions Systems and Reforms in Ireland and other EU Member States. Institute for Lifecourse and Society, NUI Galway. ISBN:978-1-908358-61-5.

Tsakiridis, A., Aymelek, M., Norton, D., Burger, R., O’Leary, J., Corless, R. & Hynes, S. (2019)Ireland’s Ocean Economy Report 2019, Ireland’s Ocean Economy, SEMRU Report Series, ISSN 2009-6933 (online)‌


Breen, B., Brewster, P., O’ Driscoll, C., Tsakiridis, A., (2018) The Implications of Brexit on the Use of the Landbridge, Dublin: Irish Maritime Development Office.

Norton, D., Hynes, S. and Boyd, J. (2018). Valuing Ireland’s Coastal, Marine and Estuarine Ecosystem Services, EPA Report.

O’Leary, J. (2018), How (Not) To Do Public Policy: Water Charges and Local Property TaxWhitaker Institute, NUI Galway.


Davies, Anna; Fahy, Frances; Rau, Henrike; Devaney, Laura;  Doyle, Ruth;  Lavelle, Mary-Jo; Manton, Richard (2017) CONSENSUS II: Segmentation, Experimentation and Biographies for Sustainability., EPA Research Report No. 205. Environmental Protection Agency.

Domegan, C., McHugh, P., Harkin, K., McNamara, Á., O’Donovan D., Brychkov, D. and Fitzgerald, C. (2017) “Healthcare Worker Flu Vaccination Research and Strategy: A Summary Report”, Whitaker Institute, NUI Galway, Ireland

Vega, A.& Hynes, S. (2017). Ireland’s Ocean Economy Report 2017, Irelands Ocean Economy, SEMRU Report Series, ISSN 2009-6933 (Online)


Vandekerckhove, Wim, Fotaki, Marianna, Kenny, Kate, Humantito, Ide and Ozdemir Kaya, Didem Derya(2016) Effective speak-up arrangements for whistleblowers. A multi-case study on the role of responsiveness, trust and culture. The Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), UK.


Davies, AR, Fahy, F, Ray, H, Devaney, L, Doyle, R, Heisserer, B, Hynes, M, Lavelle, MJ and Paper, J (2015) CONSENSUS: Consumption, Environment and Sustainability. EPA Research Report No. 138.Environmental Protection Agency.

Vega, A, Hynes, S, O’Toole, E (2015) Ireland’s Ocean Economy: Reference Year 2012, SEMRU Report Series, ISSN 2009-6933


Duvvury, N., Srinivas, R., Callan, A., Carney, P. A (2013) Intimate Partner Violence: Economic costs and Implications for Growth and Development. The World Bank, Washington DC.

Hogan, M.J. (2013) Overcoming Barriers to Well-Being in Ireland: 2012 Conference Report. Whitaker Institute, NUI Galway.

Hogan, M.J. (2013) Wellbeing and Collective Intelligence TASC Measuring Well-being in Ireland conference. Whitaker Institute, NUI Galway.

Vega, A, Corless, R, Hynes, S (2013) Ireland’s Ocean Economy: Reference Year 2010, SEMRU Report Series, ISSN 2009-6933


Collins, P., Hynes, S. and Mulligan, E. (2012) Volvo Ocean Race Finale: An Economic Impact Assessment. J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics, NUI Galway.

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Flannery, W., Fahy, F. & Baxter, O. (2012) Urban Bike Parks: A Review of International Case Studies and Recommendations for the Irish Context, Commissioned report for Galway City Council.


Collins, P. et al. (2011), Economic Impact Assessment: The Creative Sector in the Western Region, Western Development Commission.

Cunningham, J. and Green, R. (2011), Crisis and Change in Ireland: The Role of Skills and Innovation, Report commissioned by Skills Australia, July.

McCarthy, A., Grady, G. and Dooley, G. (2011), Leadership in the Irish Civil Service: A 360º Review of Senior Management Capability, CISC, NUI Galway.


Best, M. H., Ryan, P., Das, S., Tulum, O., & Giblin, M. (2010). Capabilities & Competitiveness: A Methodological Approach for Understanding Irish Economic Transformation. The Lucerna Project Report. CISC, NUI Galway.

Hilliard RM, S Pal and V Parker (2010). ‘EPA Cleaner Greener Production Programme: Experiences, Impacts and Outcomes for Participant Organisations’. Commissioned research report for Environmental Protection Agency.

Pape, J. and Fahy, F (2010)Policy Review of EU Directives on production and consumption and catalogue of international best practice models and tools for Quality of Life Proofing’ Report for the EPA, School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin


Hilliard, RM, D. Goldstein, and V Parker (2009).  Sustainable Development – Environmental Technology, Dynamic Environmental Capabilities and Competitiveness. Commissioned research report for Environmental Protection Agency.