Risk Aqua Soil is an EU INTERREG Atlantic Arc project supported by European Regional Development Funds.

The Atlantic Area presents high exposure to climate change. Increased intensity and frequency of storms, drought and flooding, altered hydrological cycles and precipitation variability have implications for the agriculture sector. There are huge uncertainties in the way climate change will directly and indirectly affect agricultural and food systems.

The RISKAQUASOIL project aims to develop a comprehensive management plan for risks in soil and in water to improve the resilience of the Atlantic rural areas. Through transnational cooperation, the project partners will combat the adverse effects of the climate change, especially on agricultural lands. This integral plan will entail three stages linked to the three specific objectives: (i) early warning and diagnosis: testing new low-cost remote techniques to measure and forecast the local impact of different meteorological phenomena. These techniques will provide accurate data that will result in a better early detection system in rural areas. Diagnosis activity will be enlarged with climate scenarios and forecasts and the improvement of climate information services to farmers; (ii) implementation and adaptation: developing several pilot actions in agricultural lands that will permit a better soil and water management taking in to account the risks associated to climate change; (iii) capacity building and dissemination: training and commitment of local communities and farmers for an increasing capacity building, information and cooperation in risk management and damage compensation systems.

In summary, the project will contribute to a better coordination for the detection, risk management and rehabilitation for rural territories (maritime and terrestrial areas), especially for agricultural purposes, mainly associated to climate change and natural hazards but also to human pressure.


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How media coverage shapes our opinion of climate change
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How rural and agricultural areas can deal with climate change
by Sinead Mellett

Farmers’ attitudes and preferences for climate change adaptation: An Irish case study. Whitaker Institute Policy Brief Series no. 73
by Dr Edel Doherty


For more information

For further information on the project contact: Dr. Edel Doherty (edel.doherty@nuigalway.ie)

Related Events

Dr Edel Doherty presenting at Mid Term Conference in Portugal October 2018  CLIMATE CHANGE: LOCAL RESILIENCE & GLOBAL SCENARIOS, Edel’s presentation title is ‘Determining farmers preferences for climate change action’.

Sinead Nee conducted a focus group pilot study in October 2018 with farmers in advance of the project survey roll out. Sinead discovered some interesting findings from her study and this will prove valuable for the survey.

Dr. Sinead Mellett will showcase the Risk AquaSoil project at the Teagasc Agri Environment Conference which will be held at the Lady Gregory in Gort on October 25, 2018.

Dr. Sinead Mellett and Sinead Nee will present at the Department of Agriculture – National Rural Network Seminar on Climate Change and Adaptation  in the Tullamore Court hotel on November 1, 2018. They will give a summary of their research to date and details of the Risk AquaSoil project. This will be followed by a focus group break out session with agricultural advisors in order to gain knowledge and understanding of suitable communication strategies for disseminating information on climate farmers.

16th October – Whitaker Ideas Forum – Update on RiskAquaSoil Research to date

Dr. Edel Doherty and Dr. Sinead Mellett will have a stand at the National Agri-Environment Conference October 17th 2019, Tullamore.

Catchment Science 2019, 7 November.

Workshop Training and Presentation event, Environ 2020, on Wednesday 29 April.

Policy Report Launch of the RiskAquaSoilEnviron2020 Special Session – Tuesday 28th April 2020

NUI Galway have organised a special session “Interreg Atlantic Area Special Session: Agriculture & Climate Change” at the Environ Conference on 20 – 22nd October 2020. The session will present findings from the RiskAquaSoil project. Details of the conference is available at http://www.esaiweb.org/environ/

NUI Galway has organised a Whitaker Institute webinar on RiskAquaSoil on 12th November at 1pm (Irish time). Details of the event and registration is available at http://whitakerinstitute.ie/event/adaptation-of-agricultural-and-rural-areas-in-the-atlantic-area-to-climate-change/