The NRN is part of the implementation architecture for RDPs across the EU, and its primary aims are to increase stakeholder involvement, improve quality of implementation, inform the public and potential beneficiaries, and foster innovation.  The Department of Agriculture has appointed a consortium led by Irish Rural Link, supported by NUI Galway, The Wheel, and Philip Farrelly & Co. to run Ireland’s NRN.  The consortium is responsible for facilitating all stakeholders and interested groups in achieving better outcomes across all the measures under the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 (RDP).

Commenting on the Department of Agriculture’s announcement in March 2016, Dr Maura Farrell, Director MA in Rural Sustainability at NUI Galway said The National Rural Network consortium will endeavour to create strong linkages between the administrative structures and organisations delivering Rural Development in Ireland. Through a resilient and systematic communications structure, the Network aims to increase stakeholder participation, expand the quality of rural development programmes and advance and disseminate innovative practices that can positively influence individuals and societies throughout rural Ireland.”

Irish Rural Link is the national network representing rural communities in Ireland and represents the interests of community groups in disadvantaged and marginalised rural areas by highlighting problems, advocating appropriate policies and sharing experiences and examples of good practice.

Project Partners

Irish Rural Link

NUI Galway – Whitaker Institute and the School of Geography and Archaeology

The Wheel

Philip Farrelly & Co.