Peripheral livelihoods and land use depend heavily on natural resources but their management is often contested by various stakeholder interests. The challenge of reconciling various land-use modes involves acknowledging, combining and making use of local, scientific and other expert knowledges. This project develops planning tools that make use of participatory techniques for decision making, while giving assistance and direction to decision-makers concerning land use planning and natural resource governance.

Funded by

Northern Periphery and Artic Programme 2014-2020

Project Partners

  1. Natural Resources Institute, Rovaniemi, Finland (LUKE) Lead partner
  2. Rovaniemen kaupunki (Public Authority) Finland
  3. NUI Galway (Dept of Geography)
  4. University of Lapland, Finland
  5. University of the Faroe Islands
  6. Qeqqata Kommunia (Public Authority) Greenland
  7. University of Iceland, Reykjavik
  8. The Artic University of Norway
  9. Swedish University of Agricultural Science
  10. Metsähallitus (Public Authority) Finland
  11. Greenland Institute of Natural Resources