Big Ideas for Better Schools is an Erasmus+ funded Project which brings together school leaders, teachers and university researchers from Ireland, Norway, Poland and Spain. The project aims to provide a platform for young people, education practitioners and researchers to explore the topics of diversity, democracy and equity in various national as well as in the European contexts. Through ‘big issue’ conversations and ideas exchange, the project participants aim to enhance engagement, knowledge and understanding of contemporary societal changes, challenges and opportunities. At the core of the project lies a commitment to work together to promote tolerance and a ‘shared sense of humanity’.

Specifically, the project will develop:

  • Country Portfolios exploring the topics of diversity, democracy and equity in the various national contexts and from the perspectives of young people, teachers and school leaders.
  • Action Learning Sets for use by school leaders with school staff to enhance educators knowledge and understanding of the three core themes – democracy, diversity and equity.
  • Cross curricular toolkits to be used by teachers to support student learning in identified related curricular areas.

The project was awarded funding by the European Union (Erasmus+) Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices (Strategic Partnerships for School Education) Fund (Call 2019 Round/KA201).

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