A quadruple helix Atlantic Area healthy food Ecosystem for growth of SMEs (AHFES) is a project that seeks to improve the competitiveness and growth of SMEs in the value chain of healthy eating and daily life, contributing to the development of a transnational innovation ecosystem that helps entities to access information, partners and markets and align their products and services to the needs and expectations of the consumer.

Specifically, AHFES’s mission is to achieve an ecosystem of healthy food in the Atlantic Area of four propellers (public authorities, industry, research and citizens) for the growth of SMEs.

Objectives of AHFES
The ecosystem and cooperation of the AHFES project will achieve the following objectives:

Strengthen cooperation in the areas of food, health and ICT, through mechanisms that facilitate coordination, exchange of innovative approaches and support services.
Promote the competitiveness and growth of SMEs, providing them with advanced and personalized support services that allow them to innovate in healthy foods and lifestyles.
Increase consumer awareness of the importance of innovations and existing actors, gaining their trust and promoting healthier lifestyles in them

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