Translation of Principal Investigators’ Knowledge

TOPIK brings together an international multidisciplinary group of researchers who are pioneering research and advancing our knowledge into the realities that scientists as principal investigators face in leading and managing large scale funded research projects.

Scientists taking on the role of principal investigators are the linchpins of the transformation that has taken place in university and public research systems. Principal investigators shape research avenues, coordinate actors within research programmes, and bridge academia and industry.

Principal investigators are charged with responsibility for the governance of research, while they also design research projects and manage their implementation.

Policy makers and funding agencies specify and prioritise scientific targets, however it is the principal investigators that interpret public policies and programmes; they articulate scientific research avenues, scientific programmes and priorities, firms’ expectations and their own anticipations of where science is going.

Our Key Activities

  • Advancing our knowledge of principal investigators through further empirical studies and gathering comparative cross country data
  • Creating of professional development principal investigator self-evaluation tools, gaming and frameworks to support the development of principal investigators based on insights from our research findings
  • Organising of tailored professional development workshops for principal investigators
  • Disseminating our research insights



Dr James Cunningham

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