Barrier Identification for Blue-Green Infrastructures

Blue-green infrastructure (BGI) is becoming a more popular means of dealing with climate change and climate change-related events. The idea behind BGI is to use natural or semi-natural infrastructure to reduce the risk of harmful natural events in a manner that also delivers additional ecosystem services to a wide range of individuals. As the concept of BGI is relatively new, many urban and rural planners are unfamiliar with the barriers they may face during the lifecycle of a BGI project. As a result, some have been hesitant to adopt BGI solutions. The literature has unveiled many of the barriers that inhibit the successful development of BGI, however, this information has yet to be presented in a manner that allows for easy identification. With this in mind, this research aims to deliver an evidence-based resource that will enable planners to identify the barriers that may face in BGI project development and implementation.

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