Watch – Sharon Donnery, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland, virtual visit to the Whitaker Institute at NUI Galway

On 30 March, the Whitaker Institute was delighted to welcome Sharon Donnery, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland. The visit was comprised of three events, the first of which was a meeting between Deputy Governor Donnery, NUI Galway President Ciarán Ó’hÓgartaigh & the Whitaker team. Following this, Deputy Governor Donnery delivered a lecture to students and staff members at NUI Galway about the effects of COVID-19 on employment, incomes and savings, and the importance of looking beyond the aggregate numbers to understand the full effects of the pandemic. Ms Donnery described the uneven labour market impacts from the pandemic, where the young, female and those with lower education levels have been particularly affected. She noted that being out of work for long periods can discourage workers, and lead to dropping out of the labour force. These effects are important to keep in mind as we emerge from the pandemic, for individual welfare, long term distributional effects and future economic growth prospects.

Immediately following the lecture, Deputy Governor Donnery had an opportunity to meet with Postgraduate students in the J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics. During the meeting, students were given the opportunity to discuss career opportunities with the Deputy Governor and other members of the Central Bank.

A recording of Deputy Governor Donnery’s speech is available to watch back below and a copy of the speech is also available to read here. The event also garnered significant media attraction, which is available to read below.

To read the full press release, click here.


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