Watch: IS Seminar Series – Building a culture of cybersecurity and other research from MIT Sloan Research Group CAMS

Dr. Keri Pearlson is the Executive Director of the research group Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan (CAMS). Dr. Pearlson has held positions in academia and industry including Babson College, UTexas-Austin, Gartner’s Research Board, CSC, Hughes Aircraft Company, and AT&T. She was the CIO for a $10M non-profit. Her research career focuses on the intersection of information systems, business strategy and organizational design.

Her current research projects study how organizations build a culture of cybersecurity, how cybersecurity can be a competitive advantage, the role of the Board of Directors in cybersecurity leadership, and how organizations create and adopt cybersecurity innovations. She’s the lead author of the popular MIT textbook: Managing and Using Information: A Strategic Approach (7th edition) and co-author of Zero Time: Providing Instant Customer Value. She has written dozens of papers and case studies, many of which included ground-breaking work which has influenced how managers and leaders think about, and manage, information. She was the founding President of the SIM-Austin chapter and has held various other positions on the SIM Management Council and Committees. Dr. Pearlson holds a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) in MIS from Harvard Business School, a Masters (MS) in Industrial Engineering and Bachelors (BS) in Mathematics from Stanford University.

In this session, Dr. Pearlson shared a brief overview of the Consortium, CAMS, which she leads, touching upon the structure, research agenda, and xx. CAMS is a center for the study of leadership, strategy, management and organization of cybersecurity, housed at the MIT Sloan School in Cambridge, MA. Dr. Pearlson then discussed one or two of the projects she leads: how organizations build a culture of cybersecurity and the role of the Board of Directors in cybersecurity leadership. Those interested in more details about Dr. Pearlson’s work, or the work her colleagues are doing can reference the CAMS website at A recording of the event is available to watch back below.