News for: Gender And Public Policy

New Book: Rural Gerontology Towards Critical Perspectives on Rural Ageing

Whitaker Institute member Dr Kieran Walsh, of the Population and Migration cluster, has co-edited a new book entitled Rural Gerontology: Towards Critical Perspectives on Rural Ageing. Whitaker Institute members Dr Nata Duvvury and Dr Áine Ni Leime, Gender and Public Policy cluster leaders, have also co-authored a chapter in the book entitled Rural women, ageing and retirement…. | Read on »

What role does rural place play in the lives of mid-life women in Sweden and Ireland?

Place identity and self-identity create multiple pathways to place attachment and perspectives on the ageing and well-being of older rural women. Two independent studies of 25 rural mid-life women (45-65 years) in Connemara, Ireland (doctoral research, 2017) and ten in Värmland, Sweden (post-doctoral research, 2019) employed a lifecourse framework and constructivist grounded theory to produce… | Read on »

Pensions in Ireland: The Perspectives of Irish Citizens

Against the backdrop of population ageing, which has been identified as a major societal challenge for all Western nations, successive Irish Government reports have reflected on the difficulty of sustaining the costs of the public State pension. The need for pension reform in Ireland continues to give rise to much public debate. Recasting pensions however… | Read on »

New Report – Estimating the Cost of Child Marriage in the Arab Region

Whitaker Institute members Dr Nata Duvvury, Dr Caroline Forde and Dr Mrinal Chadha, of the Gender and Public policy cluster, have co-authored a new report. The report looks at the issue of child marriages in the Arab region and examine the feasibility of undertaking cost estimates of child marriage in the region. Download the full report… | Read on »