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Whitaker Members Receive President’s Research Excellence Awards

The Whitaker Institute is delighted that four of its members received President’s Research Excellence Awards at the annual Research and Innovation Symposium on 4 September. Dr Kieran Conboy, Lead of the Agile and Open Innovation (LERO) research cluster, received a Research Supervisor award. An Established Researcher award was presented each to Dr Frances Fahy—Lead of… | Read on »

2017-18 Whitaker Ideas Forum

The 2017-18 Whitaker Ideas Forum series begins on 13 September and takes place weekly on Wednesdays from 1:00pm – 2:00pm through 22nd November. The Whitaker Ideas Forum seminars have, to-date, showcased the diverse range of research being conducted across the Institute. The forum represents a great opportunity for early career researchers to present to their… | Read on »

Is Multi-Tasking Bad for Us?

Dr Eoin Whelan, a member of the Agile and Open Innovation research cluster spoke to Newstalk about how multi-tasking can reduce productivity and concentration levels and how it increases stress levels. Combined with intensive use of technology and social media, he says we are putting our brains at further risk, and discusses neuro-adaptive technologies that are… | Read on »

OpenSym 2017, the 13th International Symposium on Open Collaboration

Call for Papers August 23-25, 2017 | Galway, Ireland Research paper submission deadline is April 21st, 2017. Doctoral Symposium submission deadline is April 30th, 2017 For more information on call for papers and submission details, please see: The 13th International Symposium on Open Collaboration (OpenSym 2017) is the premier conference on open collaboration research… | Read on »

Dr Eoin Whelan on the pitfalls of digital multitasking

Dr Eoin Whelan, member of the Agility and Open Innovation research cluster, published an opinion piece in the Business Technology section of The Irish Independent yesterday explaining how multitasking and digital distractions drain our cognitive capacities.  Read his piece here. Dr Whelan is currently investigating the link between Enterprise Social Media and Information Overload and will be running a… | Read on »

Focus on Lero – the Irish Software Research Centre

Prof Kieran Conboy, leader of the Lero Software Research Centre at NUI Galway, shares his thoughts on building software in today’s world, how his research group is helping improve productivity and time-to-market by over 30%, and what to expect from future research in this area in  Read this interview here.

Information and Communication Overload in the Workplace

Due to the novelty of social media technologies, and our experiences using them, research is only beginning to unveil how the hours dedicated to online interactions are impacting human behaviour. Enterprise social media (ESM) platforms such as Jive, Chatter, and Yammer are akin to the public Facebook but are employed for internal communication and social… | Read on »