News for: Enterprise Agility

The Rise of Digital Ephemerality

On 1 December the Whitaker Institute was delighted to host The Rise of Digital Ephemerality by Ronan Doyle. The concept of ephemerality is increasingly relevant for information systems scholars, business leaders, governmental regulators, and broader society. This talk examined the rise of digital ephemerality, its importance for information systems research, and why it is necessary to consolidate what… | Read on »

The 20th IFIP Conference e-Business, e-Services, and e-Society I3E2021

AI, analytics, and ICT in general, create opportunities and unintended or negative consequences for individuals and society (cf. Ransbotham et al. , 2016; Majchrzak et al. , 2016). These opportunities and consequences have not been evenly distributed. Despite the many personal, economic, and societal benefits offered by AI and analytics, its use raises a variety… | Read on »

Is Technology Changing the Face of Sport for the Better?

On Thursday 4 November, Whitaker Institute member Professor Kieran Conboy, of the Agile and Open Innovation cluster (LERO), hosted a panel session on ‘Is Technology Changing the Face of Sport for the Better?’. Technology plays an increasingly pivotal role across almost all elite and amateur sports, with a growing assumption that those using the latest… | Read on »

RTÉ Brainstorm – 6 signs that you need a digital detox

Whitaker Institute member Dr Noel Carroll, of the Agile and Open Innovation cluster (LERO), has written a new article for RTÉ Brainstorm. The piece looks at the benefits of a digital detox and signs that you may need one. 6 signs that you need a digital detox Analysis: there are many benefits to a digital… | Read on »

Mobile Gambling

A study carried out by the J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics has examined how the different gratifications sought from mobile gambling explain problematic versus non-problematic patterns in highly involved gamblers.  Lead author of the study, Whitaker Institute member Dr Eoin Whelan, of the Agile and Open Innovation cluster (LERO), spoke to Irish Tech News, Irish Examiner, and… | Read on »

Whitaker Institute members win Lero Director’s Prize

Congratulations to Whitaker Institute members Professor Kieran Conboy and Mairead O’Connor on their Lero Director’s prize win. Professor Conboy was awarded the Professor Rory O’Connor Prize for Outstanding Service to Lero, while Mairead O’Connor was presented with Lero Director’s Prizes for Diversity and Inclusion. Read more in Silicon Republic and Tech Central.