Project Background: Many chronic illnesses can be prevented if people adopt healthier behaviours. The Making Every Contact Count (MECC) programme, developed by the Health Service Executive (HSE), aims to train all healthcare professionals to support patients to adopt healthy behaviours during routine healthcare contacts. Even small changes to behaviour, such as exercising more or eating a healthier diet, can make a real difference to people’s health and quality of life. In this project the Health Behaviour Change Research Group and the HSE MECC Team are working collaboratively to develop an implementation strategy to optimise and scale up MECC.

What we will do: We will survey and interview healthcare professionals to find out what makes it easy or difficult for them to support patients in making changes to their health behaviours. We will interview patients to find out how they experience discussing health behaviours and receiving support to change their behaviour during routine healthcare contacts. We will review the international literature and combine this evidence with our research findings to develop a MECC implementation strategy to make the roll-out of the programme successful in Ireland.

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