Professor Alan Ahearne Presents on Brexit’s Impact on Romania in Bucharest

The Irish Embassy in Bucharest invited Professor Alan Ahearne, Director of the Whitaker Institute, to give presentations on Brexit’s impact on Romania. Professor Ahearne’s presentations were to students and faculty members at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies; members of the Romanian Irish Business Association (at which he was joined by the former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Romania Cristian Popa) and to the Governors of the Central Bank of Romania. Members of other Business Associations, Chambers of Commerce and of the wider Irish community attended the RIBA presentation. Members of the Diplomatic Community, media corps, Romanian business and financial community attended the presentation at the Central Bank of Romania.

The presentations attracted large crowds and a significant amount of media interest, see it all below: (option to translate to English)


Cotidianul (prestigious newspaper, in-depth article)