Organizations in COVID-19: Embodiment, ethics and lockdown

On Tuesday 8 September, the Whitaker Institute was delighted to host a live webinar titled Organizations in COVID-19: Embodiment, ethics and lockdown. The webinar discussed the implications of COVID-19 for organizational ethics, with a focus on embodiment. Workers’ bodies are central to recent changes with health and safety now critical concerns for many working on the front line. In other sectors, bodies are removed from relations between workers as we witness a mass-move towards digital work. Questions of ethics and embodiment are central to the reorganization of work that has accompanied the spread of this virus, with important and far reaching impacts.

We were delighted to welcome 4 international panellists who are experts in the field of the theory and practice of ethics and embodiment.

Professor Alison Pullen, Macquarie University, Australia

Professor Carl Rhodes, University of Technology, Sydney Australia

Professor Iain Munro, Newcastle University Business School, UK

Professor Marianna Fotaki, Warwick Business School, UK

The event was chaired by Professor Kate Kenny, cluster leader of the Work, Organizations and Society cluster.

A recording of the event is available to view below.