New Report Examines Drivers and Barriers of Climate Change Adaptation Faced by Farmers

A new report from Whitaker Institute members examines farmers’ attitudes and preferences for climate change adaptation. The overarching aims of the report are to present findings on farmers’ beliefs regarding climate change, the drivers and barriers of climate change adaptation and the willingness of Irish farmers to engage in specific adaptation measures related to insurance protection for their own farm and improved flood protection for downstream communities.

The report is part of the RiskAquaSoil project led by Association Climatologique de la Moyenne-Garonne et du Sud-Ouest (A.C.M.G) with partners from the Whitaker Institute. The project aims to develop a comprehensive management plan for risks in soil and in water to improve the resilience of the Atlantic rural and agricultural areas to climate change.

To achieve this, the project has three key aims:

  • Improved early warning and diagnosis of meteorological phenomena for rural areas
  • Improved soil and water management for risks associated with climate change
    Enhanced capacity building and training of local communities

The report found that over one-third of Irish farmers are concerned about extreme weather events impacting their farming activities and that farmers are most concerned about the impacts of storms, droughts and flooding.

Within the study, farmers were asked whether they would be willing to help reduce the risk of flooding to downstream communities, over 40% of farmers indicated they would. Almost 70% of farmers indicated a willingness to use insurance as a method to protect their farm financially against damages caused by extreme weather events. Continue to full press release….

To read more about the project and download the report click here.

The report has also garnered media attention. See press below.


Dr Edel Doherty has also written a Policy Brief based on the findings. The brief, which is no 73 in the Whitaker Institute Policy Brief series, is titled Farmers’ attitudes and preferences for climate change adaptation: An Irish case study and is available to download via the link.


The findings from the report will be discussed in a live webinar on 12 November at 1pm. Details and registration for the event can be found here.