‘Message in a Bottle’ highlighting the work undertaken by H2020 Sea Change Project

Message in a Bottle: SIPPs in Action

An event organised by SUBMON adopting NUI Galway’s SIPP Tools within the Sea Change Project.

“Message in a bottle” challenged people to change their relationship with the ocean. This was achieved through the journey of eco-friendly bottles around Spain. The initiative was launched on 8 June 2017, World Oceans Day. Six bottles travelled six routes between September and November 2017. Each bottle covered coastal and inland areas, raising awareness that our actions affect the marine environment no matter where we are. Initially, 50 participants registered (schools, diving clubs, families, natural parks, etc.). In total, Message in a Bottle travelled 8500 km, with more than 10,000 people engaged in more than 110 activities. These groups took small actions to tackle the big challenge of changing Spanish citizens’ relationship with the ocean such as choosing reusable bags and bottles rather than plastic ones, not flushing plastic down the toilet, beach and/or river cleaning, etc. Message in a Bottle highlights the fact that a single person cannot save the planet, but all together we can.


For more information see: http://www.seachangeproject.eu/; https://www.mensajeenunabotella.info/ and http://whitakerinstitute.ie/research-cluster/social-innovation-policy/