Joining the Dots: Linking Leeds City Region with the West of Ireland

As part of their “Joining the Dots” programme to encourage deeper economic ties between regions of Ireland and regions of the UK, the British Embassy in Ireland commissioned Professor Jonathan Levie and Dr Majella Giblin of the J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics at National University of Ireland Galway and members of the Whitaker Institute to conduct an analysis of sectoral strengths in Galway and Mayo and match these to city regions of the UK. This report identifies possible target regions in the UK with potential to deliver increased connections in research, business and economic development policy and practice.

The report sets out possibilities for greater economic exchange between the west of Ireland, focussing in particular on counties Galway and Mayo, and regions of the United Kingdom. Mayo is relatively strong in pharmaceuticals and life sciences while Galway has particular strengths in medtech with smaller cluster in IT and the creative industries. A review of recent research on industrial clusters in the UK reveals sixteen regions of the UK with similar or overlapping industry sector profiles to Galway and Mayo in the west of Ireland.

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