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Whitaker Ideas Forum: Mike Hynes, Investigating Public Transport Satisfaction Levels in Galway: Preliminary results from a quantitative student-run research study

February 21 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Speaker(s): Mike Hynes

Affiliation: Social Sciences Research Centre

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With Galway continuing to experience chronic and on-going traffic problems it is widely acknowledged that any sustainable and long-term solution must entail a significant Public Transport element. Increasingly adverse environmental and health effects related to automobile emissions and car-dependency suggests using public transportation will result in a reduction of an individual’s carbon footprint, will lessen CO2 emissions, and can help to alleviate traffic congestion as well as promote more efficient land use. This student-run quantitative research study, conducted in November and December 2017, seeks essential baseline information on satisfaction levels with the existing public bus service in Galway. By investigating levels of satisfaction we can build upon our overall knowledge of Public Transport in Galway and thus seek potential improvements in the service that can lead to an increase in bus passenger travel and result in a reduction in the number of cars on the roads of Galway. This is one of several strands of research currently being undertaken by the SSRC to build a more holistic representation of overall mobility practices and behaviours in Galway.