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Science Parks and Intellectual Capital: An Integrated Model for Intangibles’ Representation, Evaluation and Control

September 4, 2014 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: Room CA107, Cairnes Building, NUI Galway Ireland

Speaker(s): Professor Marco Romano

Affiliation: University of Catania, Italy

Organised by: Dr. James Cunningham

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This seminar will focus on dealing with Intellectual Capital and provides a strategic tool for management activities in knowledge-based organizations. Main instruments for measuring intangible resources in an organization will be discussed and an integrated model of intellectual capital for Science Parks will be presented that has applicability to any knowledge-based organisation. Unlike the great number of studies on intellectual capital that formulate objective metrics of the value of firms’ intangible assets, this seminar presents a model not to describe but to shape processes in a knowledge-based organization and to achieve and communicate results both for management and for increasing transparency of communication with external stakeholders.

About the Speaker

Marco Romano is Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Business Planning and Supply Chain and Retailing Management at the University of Catania, Department of Economics and Business in Italy. His research interests are mainly related to Business Development, Decision-Making Process, Technology Transfer, Academic Spin-off, Corporate Governance, Nonprofit Organizations, Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Organizational Structure and control, International Strategies, Supply Chain and Retailing Management. His teaching fields primarily focus on Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Modelling and Planning, Corporate Governance, Public-Owned Companies Management, International Cooperative Strategy, Small Business Management, Family Owned Firms Management, Marketing Management, Marketing Channels, Supply Chain and Retailing Management, Organizational Behavior. Recently, he held the position of President of Science and Technology Park of Sicily and Visiting Lecturer, Department of Management – Warrington College of Business, University of Florida (USA) (1998-2001). He is co-editor of forthcoming special issue on Intellectual Capital, Science Parks and Incubators in the Journal of Intellectual Capital

This seminar is supported by Roadmap for Employment – Academic Partnerships (REAP) supported by the Higher Education Authority.

REAP was a collaborative project involving eight Higher Education Institutional partners, for the research, development and validation of a Higher Education- Industry Partnership Model and Roadmap. The project aimed to identify learning needs within the workplace, draw up a comprehensive model for partnership between employers and Higher Education Institutions and verify the effectiveness of the model through a range of demonstrator collaborative activities. The main aim was to develop a mechanism to integrate and rationalise complementary initiatives and offer a relevant, inclusive framework to facilitate interaction with the workplace.