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Cloud Computing: Towards Enlightenment

October 31, 2014 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Location: J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics, NUI Galway
Galway, Galway Ireland

Organised by: Tom Acton, NUI Galway | Trevor Clohessy, Lero | Lorraine Morgan, Lero

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Cloud Computing: Towards Enlightenment




The EVolving Open Software Systems (EVOSS) research group is pleased to host a free industry-specific event entitled ‘Cloud Computing: Towards Enlightenment’ on Friday Oct 31, 2014.

The event runs from 9am through to lunch at 1pm.  The focus is on cloud enlightenment, that is, case studies of how cloud computing has been successfully leveraged by industry, lessons learned, what to do (and not to do), and advice on how to effect business value from cloud computing.

The event comprises invited guest speakers from companies that are using and leveraging cloud technologies: each speaker will present back-to-back for 20 mins on their company’s experiences, with time for discussion. This session will be followed by a panel of industry persons in an open discussion focusing on the realisable benefits from cloud computing, and talking about both pitfalls and opportunities. The event will then turn to a discussion on how cloud computing impacts business models, presenting leading research on this topic underway at NUI Galway, and culminating in 3 break-out discussion fora before lunch.

The event is suitable for industry persons who may wish to learn about what others are doing in the cloud space, hear about successes, gain advice on strategies and implementations, network with peers, or learn about and become involved with ongoing research at NUI Galway.  The university’s research on cloud computing has been published internationally, and cloud computing has become a core part of a large SFI-funded research team.


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**** Costs ****

The event is FREE.  Participation is open only to industry persons and staff and students of higher-level institutions. The event is not a public event.  We will provide lunch and beverages. 


**** Organisation ****

Dr. Tom Acton, Business Information Systems, J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics & The Irish Software Research Centre (Lero), NUI Galway, Ireland

Mr. Trevor Clohessy, The Irish Software Research Centre (Lero), NUI Galway, Ireland

Dr. Lorraine Morgan, The Irish Software Research Centre (Lero), NUI Galway, Ireland

Tom, Trevor and Lorraine are part of NUI Galway’s EVOSS research group, see http://evoss.lero.ie

The event is supported by the Irish chapter of the Association for Information Systems (IAIS), the Irish Software Research Centre (Lero) and NUI Galway’s Whitaker Institute.