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7th National Social Marketing Conference

December 10, 2015

Location: Aula Maxima, The Quadrangle, NUI Galway United States

Speaker(s): various speakers

Organised by: Dr. Christine Domegan

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Building upon the success of individual level behaviour change interventions, Powerful Conversations for Change looks  at the broadening body of systems-thinking and innovative insights which recognises the need to integrate individual  interventions with community and policy level campaigns. A systems approach to social change recognises “society-wide  involvement in and engagement with health and wellbeing promotion and improvement” (HI, 2014, p.9).  This conference explored systems-led far reaching social change which collectively views shared societal problems and looks for collective action.

This 7th National Social Marketing Conference, Powerful Conversations for Change, brought leaders and researchers in health and sustainable community change in public and voluntary sectors together with world renowned social marketing  expert, Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Australia. See below for Professor Rundle-Thiele’s keynote slides.