Dr Su-Ming Khoo – Researching in the Age of COVID-19

Whitaker Institute member Dr Su-Ming Khoo, Environment, Development and Sustainability cluster leader, has co-edited three rapid response books entitled Researching in the Age of COVID-19.

Volume 1 showcases new methods and emerging approaches. Focusing on Response and Reassessment, it has three parts: the first looks at the turn to digital methods; the second reviews methods in hand and the final part reassesses different needs and capabilities.

Volume 2 connects themes of care and resilience, addressing their common concern with wellbeing. It has three parts: addressing researchers’ wellbeing, considering participants’ wellbeing, and exploring care and resilience as a shared and mutually entangled concern.

Volume 3 explores dimensions of creativity and ethics, highlighting their connectedness. It has three parts: the first covers creative approaches to researching. The second considers concerns around research ethics and ethics more generally, and the final part addresses different ways of approaching creativity and ethics through collaboration and co-creation.

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