Call for Papers – Macromarketing 2021 Global Conference Tracks

Conference Chairs:
Ben Wooliscroft (Auckland, New Zealand),
Anthony Samuel (Cardiff, Wales),
Francisco Conejo (Denver, USA),
Alexandra Ganglmair-Wooliscroft (Auckland, New Zealand).

We live in challenging times. Covid 19 has severely impacted on international travel, challenged supply chains and market systems. Those market systems have adapted, by and large, and so have we, the Macromarketing Society.

In 2021 the Macromarketing Society Inc. will offer its first Global Conference – one conference hosted across multiple locations and at least three time zones. Where possible macromarketers will meet in person. When that is not possible participants will take part in a virtual conference stream(s) appropriate to their time zone. We anticipate there will be a blend of in person meeting and online presentations in most time zones.

All presentations will be recorded and uploaded to the Macromarketing Society Inc. website.

A single global Proceedings will be produced, with ISSN, and hosted on the Macromarketing Society website and indexed by As usual, the Macromarketing Society will not take copyright of your work.

The nature of the global conference means that authors may be accepted into a track but present in a combined track appropriate to their time zone. Every effort will be made to place sympathetic and stimulating presentations and papers together in their appropriate place/timezone and sessions.

Presenters and conference attendees are to be paid members of the Society in 2021. Where macromarketers meet in person there may be a small charge to cover catering.

Due date for paper/abstract submissions: 14th March 2021
Due date for special sessions/panels: 28th February 2021
Conference dates: 12-16th July 2021 (note each time zone will set its own day(s) during these
days closer to the date).

All submissions should be formatted as for submission to the Journal of Macromarketing

As well as the tracks listed below the conference invites any papers/abstracts which are macromarketing in focus. Submissions that don’t fit one of the tracks below should send them directly to the conference chairs.

• Quality of Life and Wellbeing
• Macromarketing Measurement and Methods
• Public Values
• Macromarketing Education
• Non-Consumptive Market Systems
• Interactions between Markets and Societies: Foundations and Varieties of
• Ecological and Social Injustice as the Impetus for Ethical Marketing and
• Globalisation, (Neo)Colonialism, and Marketing
• Social Conflicts and Market Dynamics
• The next normal for Social Marketing: Transformative Holistic Change
• Ethics, Equity and Social Justice
• Historical Research in Marketing Track
• Branding and Society: How can brands be leveraged as agents of transformational
change and forces for societal good?
• Externalities
• Gendered dynamics: Building visibility of the interrelationships between genders,
markets, marketing and society
• Food Marketing Track

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